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The Impossible Girl

Kim Boekbinder’s new EP. Stream it, download it for free, or, as I am going to do, pay her some money so she can buy food and make more music. "Impossible Girl #1" is going to be stuck in my head all bloody night now.

<a href="">Impossible Girl #1 by Kim Boekbinder</a>

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  1. Excellent, thank you for the heads-up. Love Kim’s music.

  2. daniel harvey daniel harvey

    Damn. That is *very* catchy.

  3. Mike Mike

    I saw Kim in NY a couple months ago. V. nice show. Petaluma Vale, the harpist in Jaggery, was also in the audience. Mali Sastri, the singer in Jaggery, is housemates with Amanda Palmer. Jaggery also has a new CD out
    Thought you might be interested.

  4. My one-year old daughter stood up and began clapping with the beat.

    Thank you, Mr. Ellis.

  5. Damien Damien

    On top of making phenomenal music, Kim Boekbinder is the kind of person who will give you the only food she has, if you find yourself hungry, and she’ll take silly pictures with you, as she gives herself a fake moustache, with her finger, On Top Of the pencil thin moustache she’s drawn on to her face.

    In short, she’s freaking amazing. Do as the man says.

  6. […] by Kim Boekbinder, directed by Brianna Olson. I previously made you listen to The Impossible Girl. You liked it. You want to go back and listen to it again. You want to give her money. Or, at the […]

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