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"Homeless migrants from eastern Europe in London who are unable to get benefits have become so impoverished that they are eating rats and drinking lethal cocktails of alcoholic handwash… ’We have come across homeless Poles in north London barbecuing rats. We have to explain to them that unlike the rats back home, in London they would be full of poison…’"

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  1. Yesterday in Atlanta about 30,000 people showed up for an application for section 8 housing. That’s government subsidized for those of you who don’t know. Between that and the giant sprawling homeless camps popping up all over America plus your rat article, it looks like those of you writing about dystopian/apocalyptic futures won’t have to use your imagination very much.

  2. Here in Louisville, Kentucky, we cannot even afford the barbecue, so we eat our rats raw.

  3. Just avoid the liver and that gut sack they have that stores all the poison. I hear from people who tried it that rat compares favourably to pheasant.

  4. Arjan Arjan

    Note to self: rats are good eating unless they’re poisonous…

  5. petep petep

    As a Pole myself, all I can say is what you limeys consider poison, we consider tasty caramel filling :)

  6. Why would you leave your country of origin for lesser quality rats?

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