August 12th, 2010 | music, researchmaterial

A glorious find from A Sound Awareness, who say:

Here’s an odd record. Basically it’s a recording of people screaming, moaning, crying, groaning and laughing while being whipped. It was released in 1965 which is odd in itself. What is even odder is that some people will pay a lot of money to own a copy...


5 Responses to “Tortura”

  1. They are getting whipped harder than I expected. Thanks!

  2. I was just wondering if there was a Tortura No. 1… lo and behold, WFMU has it covered:
    I’m hoping No. 3 was entitled “All Trussed Up and Nowhere to Go”

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  4. @will

    thankyou for fap material

  5. Why don’t people just make their own recordings at home?