The Previous Two Posts

Were sent from my iPhone 3GS. Hence “sent from my outboard brain,” which is the sig I use to differentiate email origins. That’s also why they look a bit unstyled and undressed.

Both posts were material found in Reeder, which is an RSS app that connects to my Google Reader account. I select and copy the bit of the post I need (including images) and, from the right-hand action menu I select “mail link.” That pops up an email window with an auto-filled title and an auto-copied link to the page in question. I paste in whatever I copied underneath it. And mail it to Posterous. Posterous is set to take whatever it receives from me and post it here.

(Posterous can be a bit cranky occasionally, but is easy to set up.)

I could have dressed both posts more, but this was in the nature of a test.

For me, this was pretty much the last stage in making the iPhone a mobile blogging device. And I list all this just in case someone else somewhere was wondering how to do the same thing.

And now I go home, where the new volume of Gardner Dozois’ YEAR’S BEST SF is waiting for me. Longtime readers may guess what that means.

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