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  1. that’s just wierd (the voice). They should just cut out the voice, that creeps me out.

  2. Yeees. This was scaringly accurate. Someone tell the japanese that they could have used simple tape recordings of actual births to make it somewhat slightly less Uwe Boll horror-y.


  3. Oh good, it’s USB. I was worried for a second there.

  4. CR


    Why would you do that to me?! The Horror.

  5. reasonable man

    reasonable man

    Fucking hell that is terrible. My daughters birth was not that graphic.

  6. Alistair


    I found that strangely…arousing. Where could one..ahem…purchase one of these devices? Just out of scientific interest of course.

  7. kristie


    That’s so creepy. I think I’ll vomit in my mouth now. Thanks, I’ll have nightmares for sure.

  8. I was thinking this could be the centerpiece of a new theme restaurant, myself. It looks like you could probably deliver a barbecued chicken or meatloaf.

  9. I’ll take one minus the baby. Any chance we can fit a rack on this thing?

  10. I am more disturbed by the fact that the “mother” was obviously not pregnant. Where was the baby kept for the last nine months?!

  11. Gregg VL

    Gregg VL

    The audio is actually taken from another, equally(?) creepy device featured here:

    The fact that I recognized it instantly as the wrong sort of noise to come from an artificial birthin’ practice vagina? Well, I am an engineer.

  12. Ben


    hahahahahahaha that is the best thing.

    I want a few of these

  13. Val A Lindsay II

    Val A Lindsay II

    The perfect tool for teaching students birthing amputee mothers. It would be better if it had complete legs that hydraulically flailed around. Well, at least more entertaining…

  14. Drax


    Thank you Warren. I needed that. It feels good to laugh again…

  15. Jeremy Henderson

    Jeremy Henderson

    Stretchable perineum…NOT a good name for a band.

  16. Ryan


    I no longer welcome our robot overlords

  17. Jesus! That was some fucked up shit. Fuck. Fuck. Gouge out the piece of my brain that is holding onto that and scrub the shit out of it – that is now the fucking project for the evening.

  18. Fuck’s sake, Uncle Warren! The sound alone made my vagina shrivel up and fall off. The rest was just the assurance that I’d never have sex with my boyfriend again. You really should patent your own birth control.

  19. Melinda


    i look forward to catching up with you on your bloggy blog, which i try to do as often as i can.

    i look forward to… and dreadfully fear, all at once. and this is why.


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