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I wonder if the person who made the first OM NOM NOM image ever feels like R Crumb after his “Keep On Trucking” earned millions for someone else.

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  1. Internet Pedant Internet Pedant

    It originates with Seasame Street’s Cookie Monster, and yes, he does wish to know why he’s not getting royalties.

  2. Internet Pedant Internet Pedant

    No, really, he does.

  3. Nemo Grinds Nemo Grinds

    I’ve wondered this about every internet meme ever.
    Does Cockmongler ever get a chance to sign autographs?
    Does Cheeseburger Cat get royalties to pay off his expensive human food habit?
    Does the person who came up with the concept of Gary Oak feel like the badass that Gary is?

    And not even money, just credit.
    Sure, anon generates trends like I generate shit, the only difference is, I get the credit and satisfaction of creating a physical object and the OP gets no credit for giving the world some lulz.

  4. Seems the same as Bill Waterson not getting a dime for all the “Pissing Calvin” stickers on the backs of every redneck’s pickup truck in the USA.

  5. @Nemo Grinds


  6. Nemo Grinds Nemo Grinds

    @ Daniel, Learn to internet.

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