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  1. Do you have magical smoking monkeys who comb the internet looking for any mention of your name? Or do you just appear at any site that does so like an attention-deficit Beetlejuice?

  2. WordPress has a google-search plug-in on its dashboard, which is the same point I moderate comments from. So I just happened to notice it.

  3. Heh, fair enough. Anyway, I must apologise because it seems that enquiry came out a little terser than I hoped. It was somewhere between coffees one and two at Oh God O’Clock this morning.

  4. No Walstafa, you were right. It’s likely monkeys, and they smoke. And fly. They drink heroine-coffee and coin terms like steampornk.
    Don’t you dare believe his seemingly logical and perfectly reasonable explanations. He’ll know that you thought about him for 2 seconds as you scooped the flesh out a particularly hairy kiwi this morning.
    There is nothing reasonable about how Warren Ellis knows.

    And don’t ever apologise. Cause he owns you now.

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