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  1. Laudanum Laudanum

    What a happy little story.

  2. Deep down inside, he always knew it would end like this. Damn gypsies.

  3. Jonny Brooks Jonny Brooks

    Interesting house cleaning.

  4. Kristie Kristie

    That’s a shit load of maggots. EW!

  5. Edi Edi

    This speaks to my optimistic side.

  6. Dennis Dennis

    Maggots partially ate the man’s back….absolutely lovely.

  7. Maggots only dine on dead flesh – something had to be seriously wrong besides just the insect larvae.

  8. Well shit, doesn’t that put it into perspective. My life is joyous in comparison.

  9. good grief !
    all kinds of thoughts are flooding my brain right now – if he was paralysed, does that mean he couldn’t feel anything, or just couldn’t do anything about it ?

    /off to shower ’till the hot water runs out

  10. Richard- Richard-

    Likely bed sores, leading to necrosis making a nice meal for the maggots. The maggots are just a symptom, but you can’t expect reporters to get it right.
    The more you know, the more most reporting looks like garbage.

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