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  1. Laudanum


    What a happy little story.

  2. Deep down inside, he always knew it would end like this. Damn gypsies.

  3. Jonny Brooks

    Jonny Brooks

    Interesting house cleaning.

  4. Kristie


    That’s a shit load of maggots. EW!

  5. Edi


    This speaks to my optimistic side.

  6. Dennis


    Maggots partially ate the man’s back….absolutely lovely.

  7. Maggots only dine on dead flesh – something had to be seriously wrong besides just the insect larvae.

  8. Well shit, doesn’t that put it into perspective. My life is joyous in comparison.

  9. good grief !
    all kinds of thoughts are flooding my brain right now – if he was paralysed, does that mean he couldn’t feel anything, or just couldn’t do anything about it ?

    /off to shower ’till the hot water runs out

  10. Richard-


    Likely bed sores, leading to necrosis making a nice meal for the maggots. The maggots are just a symptom, but you can’t expect reporters to get it right.
    The more you know, the more most reporting looks like garbage.

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