Mechanical Dolphin Tails

July 27th, 2010 | microlog, researchmaterial

Who wants to be a merperson? With detachable dolphin-tail prosthetics that can make you travel twice as fast as an Olympic swimmer?

Ten students from the University of Cincinnati’s nationally number-one ranked interior design program recently returned from the Florida Keys where they tested – and provided feedback to the inventor and manufacturer of – unusual foot appendages that aid human sea divers to swim like dolphins.

Then, about 24 UC design students further tested these mechanical “Flipper” fins (called Lunocets) in UC’s Olympic-sized lap pool.

7 Responses to “Mechanical Dolphin Tails”

  1. Good thing it makes you faster since it makes you look more like lunch.

  2. I. Want. One.

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  6. Sharks will love this.

  7. Yes please make me look more like shark food. Or a dolphin date-rape victim.