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Mechanical Dolphin Tails

Who wants to be a merperson? With detachable dolphin-tail prosthetics that can make you travel twice as fast as an Olympic swimmer?

Ten students from the University of Cincinnati’s nationally number-one ranked interior design program recently returned from the Florida Keys where they tested – and provided feedback to the inventor and manufacturer of – unusual foot appendages that aid human sea divers to swim like dolphins.

Then, about 24 UC design students further tested these mechanical “Flipper” fins (called Lunocets) in UC’s Olympic-sized lap pool.

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  1. Joe B Joe B

    Good thing it makes you faster since it makes you look more like lunch.

  2. Jason Jason

    I. Want. One.

  3. James James

    Sharks will love this.

  4. Yes please make me look more like shark food. Or a dolphin date-rape victim.

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