My View Of The RED Panel

San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego Convention Center, Hall H, Thursday 22 July, 2.25pm approx. There were around 6000 people in the room. This is a little less than half of them, taken from my seat on the stage for the RED panel.

This is actually as close to Comic-Con as I got. It turns out that when you’re parachuted in with the movie people, you’re really nowhere near the con. You’re in private suites at hotels, or in your own car as part of a limo convoy, or brought in through a guarded loading bay and renditioned through secured lifts.

I saw Michelle Rodriguez at one point, doing press sessions on her own, moving very determinedly with two security officers in front of her and two behind.

It was really kind of interesting, seeing this other side of the show. I need to get down some more thoughts about it later.

4 thoughts on “My View Of The RED Panel”

  1. Danny DeVito had a somewhat larger security team of maybe four or five. They cut through through the hoards almost without slowing down. I suppose they would have to be good, given that he’s about waist height to an average guy.

  2. Wow, are you sure that’s the RED panel and not the Star Trek panel? That sure is a lot of lens flare…

    It’s really interesting how the non-comic parts of comic-con can be treated so differently.

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