And Home Again

July 24th, 2010 | daybook

Posting from the pub, having landed in England a couple of hours ago. Will catch up here tomorrow and Monday: apparently Joss Whedon talked about our postponed tv project the other day, so I’ll expand on that a bit here soon. For now, it’s Red Bull and readjustment on a quiet weekend alone.

(This was what was printed on the other side of my name card, on the table at the RED panel at San Diego on Thursday. I believe Dame Helen said “shit” a few times anyway.)

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13 Responses to “And Home Again”

  1. “Please be aware that many members of your audience may be under 18 years of age” — and could teach you words and relate personal experiences to you that’d make your hair fall out. They always leave out that latter bit.

  2. Because violence, explosions and infiltrating the CIA are all family friendly, but beware those 4 letter words, they’ll destroy the mind of the poor infants in the audience.

  3. Then again, there are times one should be aware of the younger ones. Here’s an EPIC FAIL:

  4. you post on my fucking website more than I do

  5. What TV project?!? For the love of god man, tell me!

  6. I feel this was likely not written on anyone else’s nametag.

  7. Last year a panelist for “Paper Heart” was waving a large black dildo around on “family sunday”, so I don’t think Dame Helen has much to worry about.

  8. That’s not a warning, its an invitation.

  9. Q? Was that statement on the back of all the place cards or just yours?

  10. Did everybody else get that, or just you? I particularly like the polite wording followed by “WARREN ELLIS – this means you!”

  11. I think the organizers were being helpful to Warren, because teenage organs getch a higher price than adult ones.

  12. an interesting quote –

    Writer-director Joss Whedon — who has dabbled in comics on several occasions and will be directing “The Avengers” — said, “Sometimes a trend gets squeezed out, between nihilism or zombie … whatever the latest thing is, or rebooting something you already loved. I do feel like comics need to make a big step and blow it up in a big way like Warren Ellis did in the ’90s.”

  13. Peter Watts had some friction recently because of his use of colourful language at a panel. I think it’s the audience who should be made aware if the language is likely to be adult, and not the other way around.