18 thoughts on “Helen In That Shirt”

  1. It’s interesting the Americans don’t put much interest in Harvey Pekar. It’s as if he doesn’t exist or is considered a tool or a diversion or something? It’s bewildering how the real America works, if only they’d tell us.

  2. Hey Percy. Harvey Pekar made it in America. It took awhile but he made it. I’m pretty sure his loyal readers had been reading him for a long time before he was a gleem in the eye of any readers outside of America.

  3. Pekar has had big admirers all along. One early episode of Drew Carey’s old sitcom showed Drew sitting on his couch reading an American Splendor collection.

    But there’s a tremendous inertia in big media. Splashy and stupid and profitable drowns out brilliant and quirky and non-commercial.

    * * *

    I knew Mirren was a damnfineactress; didn’t know she was damn cool.

  4. Percy try Googling. He received some marvelous heartfelt tributes all across the board. not mentions, wonderful tributes on how he touched so many people with his work…
    Harvey ended on a high note. He was doing great work. He was in a groove. Getting great recognition (13 page feature in the current JUXTAPOZ), and was cranking out terrific stories. Disclaimer, i was his editor on http://smithmag.net/pekarproject
    if there are any artists reading this, they can contribute at HARVEY HEAD http://smithmag.net/pekarproject/harveyheads

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