36 thoughts on “The New RED Trailer”

  1. Wow, this looks immensely awesome! I can’t wait to see this in theaters!! and was that Helen Mirren with a .50 caliber sniper rifle? and OH MY GOD, JOHN MALKOVICH JUST BLEW UP A RPG WITH A HOLLOW POINT O_O I can’t stop having a fangasm its so incredible!

  2. Whose mother can I sell into prostitution to raise money for refreshments at the theater? Mine is working to raise money for ticket prices already. Why? Easy, this HAS TO BE SEEN AT THE THEATER!!!!!!!

  3. What an incredibly cool trailer. Bring on October. And Ernest Borgnine! I didn’t know Borgnine was going to be in it. (Just checking out Wikipedia I’m amazed by all the stuff he’s been in, but am amused that I probably first saw him in Airwolf… Or perhaps The Poseidon Adventure…) You must be on such a damn high right now. Big congtatulations.

  4. This movie kicks arse. Then it hacks into the darknet thirty levels above Top Secret and downloads whole new platoons of arse just so it can kick them too.

  5. All fears allayed,

    I love how they holus-bolus tossed away the tone of the source material, it means you know how to engage with it, after having read and enjoyed the original.

    I mean, why call it RED anymore? In a good way!

    This is the direct cultural opposite of “From Hell”

  6. Well there we go, final confirmation of Ellis’ promise of Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle. Also, I bet that’s the same dockyard they shot THE LOSERS in. Hah.

  7. w.e. you must be thrilled – this looks as kickass as your work deserves. my favorite part of the trailer? “i kill people, dear.” i will surely be supporting this in theaters (probably multiple times!)

  8. Huh. Mixed feelings about this version (of the trailer). Still rocks, everything’s just inched that much more “mainstream.” But as always, “EXCITEMENT!” and kon-grats, WE.

  9. Can’t wait for this movie, I kinda feel like a teenage girl waiting for the new twilight movie (only a lot more dignified since I’m not actually a teenaged girl and I have so far refused to even read any of that drek)

  10. That is a nice way of destroying everything that made the comic readable. CanĀ“t wait to see spider jerusalem directed by the Farrelly Bros. and planetary by Uwe Boll. YAY!

  11. Yes, but when the real Americans start killing foreign actors and movie producers and comic artists it sort of puts a damper on things like this. The public winds up watching the news after all this is over and forgotten and buried.

  12. blergh…it’s gonna be like The Losers, great trailer…piss-poor film. but I’m sure it will have it’s moments (all of which we have just seen in the trailer) however, good to see Borgnine in it!!

    can someone explain WHY Bruce Willis’ head is super-imposed on his body in that first shot where he has his hands up when Malkovich jumps out the bushes? His head is rocking separately from his body…! That a goddamn cut and paste job!

    a PROPER RED film would have been better. If Nolan’s Inception is anything to go by its that audiences WANT a film that at the very least is challenging, instead of spending money to watch wanky-bollocks that is instantly forgetable. One good thing though – Uncle Warren will get more book sales out of this…

  13. I’ve got to admit, I was pretty skeptical after the first trailer, but this is much, much better. Here’s hoping the movie is at least as good as this makes it seem.

  14. Did someone seriously just wade into this comment thread and crap on this? I’m going to guess Mr. Ellis disagrees with you. Also – how good is John Malkovich? National treasure.

  15. When I finish fangasming over this, could you please get together with Garth and write the movie script for Constantine?

    Everything else is being rebooted, that abomination could do with the two greatest writers ever to grace the comic to come along and make it good.

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