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The post I sent from the car doesn’t seem to have gone through, so: back in LA. Used Mark Millar’s name as a joke punchline/aside during the main panel, which will cost me money later (thank fuck my friends have a sense of humour). Got a photo of Helen Mirren in her brilliant Harvey Pekar memorial shirt. Eyesight is a bit blurry right now. On a plane soon, and back to the life of a working writer rather than a guy who gets driven around in limousines to tv and newspaper interviews…

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  1. VictoryNap VictoryNap

    Delightful con appearance thank you very much. The Mark Millar dig was worth the price of admission, (namely the small portion of my soul lost waiting in the line to hall H.) Helen Mirren is one classy dame. That shirt made her even more charming if such a thing were possible. I found the repeated questions regarding what form the adaptation of your work took tolerable only by your repeated answers regarding your generous monetary compensation for said work.

  2. nice film, is there a highlight a movie ?

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