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JACK CROSS To Be Collected

Christ, what is going on over at DC today?

JACK CROSS was a disappointment, a project that went wrong fast and seemed to be outside my reach to fix. Gary did a yeoman job on these four issues, but there’ll never be any more.

And then this turned up on the DC blog:

DC COMICS PRESENTS: JACK CROSS #1 Written by WARREN ELLIS Art and cover by GARY ERSKINE Now, terror has something to fear – and his name is Jack Cross! This massive special features JACK CROSS #1-4, a never-collected volume introducing Warren Ellis’s one-man anti-terrorist unit Jack Cross and his special brand of violence and civil protest, gorgeously illustrated by Gary Erskine (THE FILTH). On sale OCTOBER 6 • 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US

I didn’t write any of that text, by the way.

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  1. New RED posters, SHOOT, and now this. I’d say you were having one hell of a good day! Have a great weekend too.

  2. Kyle Marquis Kyle Marquis

    Is there an official “What went wrong” report we can read somewhere? All I can get from a cursory Internet search is that they “fucked it up,” and I enjoy a good postmortem.

  3. I liked Jack Cross but it seemed to suffer from being an independent comic like the ones that do well for wild storm and from under exposure because it was put with main stream DC that let face it likes super hero stories more then ones about the regular Joes

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    There is no postmortem on JACK CROSS. Not only does the subject depress me, but any postmortem would have to eviscerate some people (not Gary) whom I can’t bring myself to eviscerate.

  5. Erik Erik

    This is worth getting for the interrogation scene alone.

  6. Michael Michael

    The link is working now. All of the DC site’s blogs seemed to be inaccessible for a few hours, but they’re back.

  7. Since it flew way under my radar the first time round I’ll be happy to pick this up if even just for Gary’s too-infrequently seen comics work.

    Always thought he would be the best and only choice for a comics riff on an OZ-like SF prison thing.

  8. Martin Costello Martin Costello

    Ha – found these singles recently – definitely will be buying this collected! Very intense, thought-provoking work.

  9. 256 256

    I’d been thinking that the nature of the future will be that nothing will ever be out of print – with reasonable and reliable POD services, anyone who holds publishing rights but declines to publish is (almost) a thief. It hadn’t occurred to me until now that, while that’s (probably) good for the consumer, it’s one more monkey on the back of the creator if every goddamn thing ever written will never go away.

  10. Lister Sage Lister Sage

    I think its got more to do with “Warren Ellis is popular. What old stuff has he done that we can reprint and make a buck out of?” then any really good reason. I can’t speak to the quality of the book itself as I’ve never read it, but you did ask what was going on.

  11. Ben Ben

    now we just need these DC announcements to keep going for the nice, oversized Transmet hardcovers!

  12. Owen Owen

    Enjoyed this and glad to see it collected, along with the extra publicity you’ll hopefully garner from this. But between this and Shoot it stinks of a cash-in mindset ‘Quick, quick he’s got a movie coming out that looks good, how can we make a buck off it’. May karma shit in their cereal bowls.

  13. @Ben
    Now THAT’S a great frakking idea…Absolute Transmet??? Holy Cow! I’d invest in that! Just to pour over Darrick’s rich, pregnant, often vile backgrounds such as the City, its stuff on the store shelves & graffiti but iDigress…

  14. Shay Shay

    For what it’s worth, I really loved JACK CROSS. I have the floppies but will get this collected as well.

  15. SDR SDR

    Sometimes life is all about being a discerning eviscerator. Having just reread it, JC has a lotta blood going to it, and while I obviously don’t know yr bidness particulars, you can detect a level of frustration (or rather your pointing it out puts a name to an undercurrent)that I think actually jazzes the whole thing up.

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