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  1. Ben Ben

    hahaha page 6 stunner.

    Also is it weird that my first thought is “What would happen if we put them in an actual meat grinder”

    Or Encased in cement or something.

  2. Owen Owen

    Loved the penis drawing joke, it’s always seemed like the Freak Angels are partially stuck as kids ala ‘the Midwich Cuckoos’ so it was great to see even one of the voices of reason acting like a fifteen-year-old. I always check this comic out every Friday and it’s getting better and better, excellent job Mr. Ellis.

  3. Col. Glen Manning Col. Glen Manning

    I don’t usually look at these freebies – I get the trades. Couldn’t resist this time. Ellis’ tone is brilliant and fun and captivating and I don’t know why this series isn’t acknowledged generally as the best thing going. Even those sick of the genre and all it’s mandatory cliches must love Freakangels for its sheer charm if nothing else. Yet there is else.

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