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Funny Old Game

I have been told I will have some actual comics news to pass on to you tomorrow. Which I’m sure will make a nice change.

Funny thing about comics: for the last several years, I’ve either been doing Marvel comics whose artists are then moved on to more profitable enterprises, or I’ve been doing books at Avatar mostly using relatively new European and South American artists because that’s Avatar’s preference.

So this opportunity to do a graphic novel at a book publisher popped up the other month. And I’ve kind of dragged my feet on it because all the old collaborators of mine who’d fit it have gone on to bigger and better things — when my name is even mentioned to John Cassaday, he now fakes a seizure until the offending party goes away — and, ha ha, I find that I don’t really know any experienced comics artists anymore.

Maybe it’s a sign to line up a third prose novel next year.

(There should be news on the book that’ll replace the lost LISTENER soon, too.)

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  1. Seth Keil Seth Keil

    third prose novel?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is why Grant Morrison keeps Frank Quitely chained to a radiator. That, and his insatiable radiator fetish.

  3. Hi,

    Just a long-time fan wanting to say thanks for all the great stories and always looking forward to seeing what you write next, regardless of the publisher or the medium – graphic or regular prose or otherwise.

    On a more recent note – congrats on the Red movie, was a very fun read when I first came across it. And second, nice work on ‘Captain Swing and The Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island’ and ‘Ignition City’, both were great fun for me and I even picked up the hardcover of I.C.

    Hope to see more of Doktor Sleepless and Supergod sometime, but until then I await patiently and enjoy what stories life see’s fit to bring.

    Cheers.. .

  4. Ben Ben

    Do you make artists draw too many willies? Does it make them uncomfortable?

  5. Zane Zane

    Bring some new artists into the fold, we’d jump at the opportunity to work for you.

    But a novel would be ill. Love the work, good sir.

  6. About Mr. Cassaday — he’s not faking it. I have it on good evidence that mention of your name can produce seizures, intense feelings of dread, and in at least one instance in a small Peruvian village, mass hysterical visions of the Virgin Mary doing unspeakable things to a yak.


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