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    Thank you, Mr. Ellis. God bless Her Majesty’s Intertubes, also.

  2. STALKER and SOLARIS are two of the only films I’ve seen after which I could not go to sleep. After such stimulus, rest simply wasn’t an option. His work is so great, that it has an almost profoundly depressing effect. I don’t know if it’s that you watch it and know that no one makes anything so wonderful or if it’s that you know that YOU will never make anything so wonderful.

    Surely, this is a great find. Many thanks, Ellis!

  3. Andy Andy

    Sweet… been hearing so much about him but haven’t actually managed to see anything of it all. Now I’ve got something for those rainy Swedish summer days^^

  4. Drax Drax

    Oh, tremendous. Thank you Warren!

  5. This is the best news I’ve heard all day. Thank you very much for passing it along.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    Chris Marker made a good documentary/film essay about Tarkovsky called One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich, it’s worth downloading if you can find it.

  7. microclimate microclimate

    Ok, six and a half. The second part of Andrei Rublev is currently missing.

  8. Beautiful. Now I can watch Stalker as much as I damn well please. It’s like owning DVDs, but more free-like.

  9. microclimate microclimate

    ..aaand stalker is missing any subtitles. Poop. Still, reminded me that I need to re-watch them.


    Thanks for the heads up Warren. I highly recommend Le Offret (The Sacrifice) to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. As incredible as Solaris and Stalker are, the Sacrifice is significant in the profound way it commands such reflection on life and death.

  11. jwalkerj jwalkerj

    Finally got around to checking this out and it seems “copyright issues” have forced the removal of a number of the movies. Pity.

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