Your Cheery Thought For The Day

July 13th, 2010 | researchmaterial

There’s an extinction event on Earth every 27 million years. It’s a cycle. And we don’t know what causes it.

But we’re in the middle of the cycle right now, so we’ve got about 15 million years to work it out.

Enjoy your day.

14 Responses to “Your Cheery Thought For The Day”

  1. […] The good news is we have about 15 million years before another one is scheduled. Personally I blame Vogon bureaucracy. (via Warren Ellis) […]

  2. Nemesis = Gah Lak Tus.

  3. We’ve got to enjoy life while we still can! get naked, kick your boss in the nuts and run free in public spaces before the inevitable moment when the sun swallows the earth!

  4. Damn. I was really hoping it was galactic bow shock (stupid 64 million year interval –, which is really just the best kind of bow shock there is. I’m also willing to bet the Norse translation of galactic bow shock is exceptionally cool sounding, on par with Jokulhaups.

  5. I think Jack Kirby’s Secret City Saga characters from Topps back when (and soon from Dynamite) played with the idea, with current culture existing in the ninth turn at bat.
    Also fits in with the cyclical creation myths of the Aztecs:

  6. The comments seem pretty sceptical about it, though…

  7. We definitely due.

  8. Planet x

  9. I believe it to be another Vogon sitrep as well..However,at least once we get past the 2012 hysteria-it’ll be smooth sailing..until of course the Hadron Collider creates its own “theoretical snowflake existing in 196,833 dimensional space.” Then I guess shit will shit the fan again…

  10. Uhh, I’m pretty sure we are an extinction event.

  11. This seems like a conservative estimate of years. I think we may within a decade or a little more of the cycle. Get out your asbestos Sunday suit, it may get warm.

  12. Well we* didn’t die out last time, so i’m kinda hopeful

    Multiple planets seems like the safest way to be safe

  13. Either Xenu or the old gods. And in a way, they are one and the same.

  14. No way humanity will survive 15 million years of humanity.