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TWO-STEP Collection – The Cover

The collection of TWO-STEP by me, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti is out in November, and this is the lovely lovely new cover Amanda cooked up for it with color artist Paul Mounts.

You know how this project started? I’d worked with Amanda before — on a Vampirella thing, just because I wanted to write something for Amanda, because she’s brilliant. And a couple of years later I got an email from Jimmy that read, I swear: “Wanna write something for Amanda and I? We both think you don’t suck.”

Proof positive that, given enough booze, I respond to the weakest chat-up lines on Earth.


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  1. Note to self: send Ellis a series proposal taped to a case of whiskey.

  2. Dearest IntrePoop Uncle Warren,

    I am so frakkin thrilled!!!

    lemme tell you. this title was one of the first titles of yours I got turned on to. I had stopped buying comics right about when you came around…well for me it really was the X-Men Onslaught thing but iDigress…
    but I came back to funnybooks in 2003
    and I had a lot of great catching up to do but this
    …this was a new release.
    Apparently I liked Two-Step a lot.
    And something else I’d come to really like about your stories…a nice, tight little limited run. The only thing I could compare them to is my beloved Kurt Vonnegut, Jr short stores such as “Welcome To The Monkey house”.

    crea shaakti,
    Rev Sully

    Eric O’Sullivan
    Boston, MA USA

  3. Nicholas Parmel Nicholas Parmel

    What a coincidence. I finally got around to reading these three issues just hours before you posted this. They have been in my comics stack for about two months.

    A good time was had.

    Good day.

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  5. Petter Wäss Petter Wäss

    That turtle looks awesome.

  6. J. J.

    All the frames in the background appear to correspond to one of the cameras on her outfit, all except the one where it’s her face. I guess that’s Dirty Ron’s view. Except she’s not a car.

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  8. PJ PJ

    Amanda’s stuff is always amazing! The lady’s got chops!

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