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  1. Congratulations, Warren. It’s lookin’ 10 shades of awesome.

  2. Remember, I haven’t see your book yet — but that is a kick-ass poster!

  3. Del Del


  4. Jim Schmidt Jim Schmidt

    I hadn’t heard of this before. Looks like it could be quite the fun little flick.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ah excellent!

  6. Kind of makes the whole thing real.

    Even if Hollywood mucks it up, this is still way cool beans, and will hopefully lead to things like a Global Frequency movie, or an animated Ocean adaptation.

  7. Adrian Jones Adrian Jones

    Nice poster, love the trailer too. Not a bad cast either. Looking forward to it.

  8. Congratulations Warren. Red is a great book, and certainly deserves a good film adaptation. Lets just hope ‘ol Hollywood doesn’t fuck it up, eh?
    Bruce Willis is usually pretty good about the scripts that he picks though. I know that I’ll be there for a midnight screening, if I can find such a thing where I’m at.

  9. Hell. Yeah.

  10. paria angel paria angel

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  11. keldor keldor

    Here’s hoping for a Transmet movie next.

    Tagline: Fuck off. I don’t need your dirty ticket monies.

  12. Marco Marco

    RED only has 3 issues?

  13. Awesome, can’t wait for the Helen Mirren variant!

  14. Tate Tate

    Congrats Warren, hope you can build well-deserved money bin in which you can swim like Scrooge McDuck.

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