11 thoughts on “Harvey Pekar’s Dead”

  1. My girlfriend works at the animal hospital that Harvey brought his diabetic cat into-she recently had the chance to meet him and said he was a very wonderful and sweet man, though a bit of a cranky bastard,a lesson in creative duality to be sure and a complete genius in the genre. He will be severely missed in the Cleveland area, god rest his soul.

  2. God fucking damnit. I know he was all beat up from cancer treatment, but still, dying 70 is unfair.

    He’d lately been producing these odd little comic book profiles of people he’d met, like a Vietnam vet he’d worked with and a borderline sociopath/genius. And himself, of course (“The Quitter”). I loved those things.


    I may have to hook up my VCR to watch my American Splendor tape.

  3. He branched out into doing a whole new genre of work at the end of his life. His books on the history of the SDS, his adaptation of Studs Terkel’s _Working_, his beautiful book on a war that didn’t happen, _Macedonia_ are a generous outpouring of a cranky and original mind.

    He will be missed but what he did provides a great example of what one determined individual can do.

  4. I got to meet him once at a screening for American Splendor. We talked about 4 or 5 different things in about 15 minutes, and he had solid, well-thought out opinions on every single one. He was interested in life, and wanted to understand it better and took as much of it in as he could, and I will always admire that.

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