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Another Summer Without Warning

It’s so hot in south east England today that it’s fucking with my eyesight. I’m trying to put the last nail in Project F, which is an animated-series pilot for Unnamed Animation Studio, and my eyes just won’t stay focussed. I think eye jelly is expanding in the heat and squeezing the necessary eyeball machinery out of my head. Or something. Also it’s hard to keep my fingers on the keyboard.

A month ago there was frost on my lawn.

And I really need to finish this because I need to write three episodes of FREAKANGELS and some final X-Men comic pages this weekend too.

This all is really hard to type, by the way, but I’m hoping that forcing myself to do it will make something in my eyes or head start working.

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  1. You’re getting that heat I suffered through last week. It just broke. For two days. So it’s bad news again for you: We’ll have that heat again next week, then you’ll get it too.

  2. Rene Cutforth Rene Cutforth

    i usually find at times like these that a couple of cans of cold 5%+ brain reducer helps

  3. Fungo McGurk Fungo McGurk

    Awwww! You get to be a world-renowned writer with a decent pub within reach, whereas many of we, your faithful followers (or those of who have the decency NOT to actually follow you around) have to contend with your sacred clues, left hovering around like blue farts from a soccer match gone terribly wrong. Why, I am ashamed to read your sick bile and then buy added copies of works like “RED” so that I may further impurify my pals. Buck up, hallowed one. Before you know it, the winds will shift and it’ll be so cold, you need a tea cosey for your boa-like male utility again. Just like the Queen wears, God bless ‘er.

  4. Re: Rene – that’s not a bad idea – he should drink one and hold the other in his palm. The magic of the capillary network in your palms acts like a little radiator (until it gets close to 0°C in which case they shut down to prevent hypothermia) and is one of the body’s primary cooling systems. Holding a cold one in your palm for 5 minutes will cool your body down (the cooled blood from your palms goes right back to year heard and then gets distributed everywhere) and turn the beer to warm soup. Return the warmed beer and fetch two new cold ones, rinse and repeat.

    This technique was invented by some Stanford professors. look up ‘core cooling’ if you want their info on it, which is much more high tech than deathgripping some booze.

  5. Ben Ben

    Bit of a coincidence my ball machinery is out of whack as well. I mean honestly at times during the day i want to fuck an ice sculpture just to cool down.

  6. tobot tobot

    its a little practical but cool baths and cool drinks, keep your head wet.

  7. Jordan Ellison Jordan Ellison

    Bah! Nothing less that 40 degrees celcius for a solid week can be considered a heatwave. A good signifier for a heatwave is when the asphalt starts melting.

  8. Fred David Fred David

    I suspect those stanford professors were from the prohibition era and also not biologists – the arteries and veins in your body are very close together so as to minimise heat loss from your body’s trunk, any decrease in temperature in the blood of the veins of your palms is immediately nullified as heat from your arteries gets dumped back into those veins before the blood reaches your trunk again, leading to no net cooling effect for your body as a whole.

    By contrast, drinking the cool beer has the effect of dumping cool liquids into a part of your trunk that has a higher blood flow than your hands do if you’re not exercising, and you slowly get drunk and stop caring about the heat anyway.

    So folks, science implores people to drink cold beverages on a hot day rather than giving snowmen handjobs.

  9. Phil Phil

    You should try Afghanistan. (50-60-70 degrees..)
    In terms of practical tips? Lots of salts, (more specifically electrolytes) An IV-line of Ringer-acetate might help, but really, sugary water, salts, a wet towel over your head and life should be good.

  10. Martin Martin

    Bah, you’re getting the blue skies & heat cause Irelands soaking up the rain as usual. Haven’t seen blue sky for a week. I’m fading back to my usual nerd tan.

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