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  1. Juggalo science? Fuckin’ magnets!

  2. Sean


    Science done in a repressive (I’m guessing this is 40’s to the 60’s) era seems to be more fun. I would love to get my photo in ‘Life’ by actually forcing dogs to play poker in the name of science.

  3. Dennis C.

    Dennis C.

    The only thing missing here is a piece of buttered toast strapped to their backs…

  4. The childrens’ encyclopedias, science books, and film strips of my childhood were full of stuff like this.

  5. What in the fucking what?

    …I wish science was still like this…

  6. bollen


    yeah in the 60s they were ALL mad scientists.. just look at those eyes

  7. This is clearly what got us to the moon. More cat-magnets, I say! We’d be colonising Pluto by now if they’d kept up this kind of research…

  8. cjeam


    Well that brings a whole new history and reality to the ‘Ceiling cat is watching you masturbate’ meme

  9. MHepler


    I wish life made this much sense.

  10. shades


    Did W Eugene Smith take this photo? if so, drugs?

  11. C.Merritt


    Everyone has this all wrong. Everyone thinks the man was laying down the science on the animals, but if you look closely into the eyes of the man and then look at the cat you will see that the cat is clearly in control.

  12. Fungo McGurk

    Fungo McGurk

    Say, that happened to me this morning. I hung from the ceiling by my nads for 20 minutes. Gods, what a foul mood that put me in. That’s what I get for watching “29 Weeks Later” over me brekkie, I guess. Science can be beautiful, but when it bites, its foul saliva makes you contend with Elder Gods that are sometimes actually there.

  13. James Bong

    James Bong

    That cat looks like it’s fully aware of just how awesome that whole situation is, but I love the little “For Science?…My God!” expression on the guy in the coat.

  14. tomqvaxy


    I want this tattooed on my thigh so I can laugh every time I pee.

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