When You Spill Oil In Water Perhaps The Things In The Water Evolve

July 8th, 2010 | microlog



34 Responses to “When You Spill Oil In Water Perhaps The Things In The Water Evolve”

  1. Why? To eat the hovercats…Duuuh!

  2. I could do so much damage with a hovershark.

  3. This…
    This is the scariest thing to ever happen.

  4. Hmmm…I feel the poor bastard started farting blue smoke out its ass and can’t get back in the water – look, IT’S SCREAMING IN ANGER

  5. surfing will never be the same again.

  6. You know, they would be easier to spot like that.

  7. At a guess? If that photo was actually taken in or near the Gulf, Methane concentrations in the water are pretty close to lethally high at the moment so maybe the shark is threshing the water near the surface to oxygenate it so it doesn’t choke to death.

  8. Saddle up that sumbitch and ride into WAR !

  9. Hovershark sez “Can you direct me to 1 St James’s Square, London, please?”

  10. Rapidly evolving sharks have come up with a way to deal with the Gulf oil spill.

  11. @Solomon – It’s doing a hell of a job.

  12. Oh God, it’s started. First a volcano, now hoversharks. Mother Nature is about to hand us our asses and make us cry like little girls.

  13. “I’m only a dolphin, ma’am.”


  14. http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3738/hovershark.jpg

  15. I think it’s actually a hydroplane shark, he probably travels at high velocity and skims on his fins… once they can fly we are truly fucked.

  16. Jaws 5: The Rise of the Hoversharks.

  17. Boiling water.

  18. It is looking for Marty McFly and his hoverboard.

  19. Simple science really. Oil and Water don’t mix. Cover the sea life with oil, and you can have a wide variety of hover animals zooming up from the depths. But just wait until the oil hits something that doesn’t move, like a sea cucumber. It just sits there, attached to a rock, soaking up the oil until it has enough pressure that the water violently expels the oil soaked creature out of it.

    Thats right. The ocean now has sea cucumber artillery. And they’re all pointed at US.

  20. “Can… can I keep it?”
    “I don’t know, son. Hoversharks are a lot of responsibility…”
    “I promise to take good care of him! I’ll walk him and play with him and feed him my enemies and make sure he gets plenty of exercise–”
    “Wait–what was that last one?”

  21. You all know how to build an anti-gravity drive, right? You need to cover a cats back with butter. ;)

  22. Sharks have now jumped the shark.

  23. “Um, candygram…”

  24. Grizzly Shark Origins

  25. Candygramming speed, Mr. Chompy!

  26. Fuck me, I’m never going near water again

  27. This calls for a summer blockbuster!

  28. Hovershark meat is more tender than its counterparts.

  29. At the risk of spamming, I created a Sad-Keanu hovershark:


    I also created a photoshopable hovershark:

    Because I want hovershark to be a new internet meme.

    People, create hovershark images that are funny. Because it will be funny.


  30. The least you could have done is open a window.

  31. Who would win in a fight between a hover shark and a ground condor?

  32. hey, where’s the steering gear?????

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  34. Why do I not have a hovershark yet? I MUST HAVE ONE.