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WIRED UK: Column 16

In which I discuss the wonders of modern cannibalism.

In medieval times, it was believed that memories were stored in the cerebrospinal fluid. Sadly, it seems that memory cannot be transferred biochemically — which is just as well, otherwise Stephen Hawking would have to get his wheelchair equipped with Ben-Hur-style spikes and a turbo option…

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  1. Owen Owen

    “that the piece of bread that the priest pops in your mouth (and if you’re lucky that’s all he’ll pop in your mouth)”


  2. Erik Erik

    Great issues raised; a delightful dilemma for the vegan crowd.

    Note that transubstantiation, at least according to the RCC, doesn’t actually occur in your gut but when the priest consecrates the host; this is why old school Catholics receive the wafer directly from the hands of the priest, with the altar rats, er, servers catching crumbs on the communion paten. Further, transubstantiation transforms the wafer into the Presence of Christ, so it’s not just cannibalism… it’s necromantic soul-devouring, one mouthful at a time.

    Mmm, soul-devouring. Man, if they’d phrased it like that, I might have stayed an altar rat.

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