December 6th, 2012 | comics talk

Which is a pulp-style Weird Crime comic by award-winning creator Francesco Francavilla.

Click through here for full size.  Click over here to learn more.

Twitter: Catchpocket For A Hopelessly Leaky Brain

December 6th, 2012 | brainjuice

For a while, I had a capture of my twitter feed running here. It ended up doing something weird to my API calls, stopping me from running my desktop client, so I killed it. Which is probably just as well, as I talk a lot of shit on Twitter. It’s basically mental slurry, the wet lumpy bits from a day spent at the keyboard vented off into a trap so the buildup doesn’t blow some crucial valve in my head. Look at these, from the last month, and pity me:

*  It cannot possibly be December already. I am returning to bed and when I get back up I expect this to be FIXED.

*  Kittens are trying to break into my office. It sounds like the smallest and most rubbish zombie attack ever.

*  Join my Xmas Eve tradition: sit in a barn all night shrieking that an invisible space god put a parasite inside you and it’s coming out

* good morning sinners. the fishpond has iced over and so have my eyes

*  Warren stares at important work. Warren must concentrate and summon intellect. CUT TO: INSIDE WARREN’S BRAIN:

*  just stating my availability for the post of BBC Director General. my first act would be to change that title to Dear Leader

*  If you analysed my folder of email with @mollycrabapple you would find the most frequently used words to be "shut", "up" & "Molly"

*  I like to think that @benhammersley releases his moustache into the streets of London at night to devour weaker moustaches during Movember.

*  [Oct 31 ] A depressing night for my agent to refuse to pitch my new musical horror project THE KING AND I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE

*  My daughter has just accused me of being so old that I "remember when fire first came out."

*  "CRUSH THEM LIKE MONKEY" may be the worst piece of advice I’ve ever given to another writer. Or the best. One of the two.

NIGHT MUSIC: The Lay Llamas

December 6th, 2012 | music

I swear to god, an actual Concept Album.

the LAY LLAMAS is a tribe that in the year 2092 AD starts a trip from an unknown region of Nigeria on a self-built spacecraft (track A1) to reach a planet that they continued to observe every night from the earth and inexplicably attracted them. Once there, explore the planet (track A2) until they meet a totem called the Big Snake (track 3) who will point the way for the purification and elevation to a higher state of consciousness (track B4).

The pieces are arranged in order for free streaming on Soundcloud.  Here’s the first.

And So Winter Arrived In My Testicles

December 5th, 2012 | daybook

This is not a photo of my testicles.  But god DAMN sitting outside in the garden today to clear my lungs was a challenge.  Apparently this came out of nowhere around 7am and dumped two inches in two hours.  Let me try and catch up with some stuff.

Katie West’s print sale ends today.  And, by god, look at this poster Ellen Rogers and Prizme put together for Meredith and her Parlour Trick Kickstarter.  This magical thing is in the USD $45 reward tier – which is a steal – and the Kickstarter’s only running for another 18 hours or so.  Look at this:


And over at thisisGUNMACHINE, you can find the first chunk of the Spotify playlist I put together, reflecting at least part of what I was listening to while writing the book.  And now I’m being told I have to leave the house to drink wine.  Which will hopefully thaw some of the ice, there in the very disturbing places it currently sits.