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April 19th, 2012 | FAQ

When scripting comics, do you prefer to provide a detailed panel layout and detailed descriptions of each panel, or give a more general description of what should be on the page and let the artist do the rest?


I’ve talked about this countless times, and some time spent with Google would probably find you a lot of it.  But let’s make it easy: here’s three of my comics scripts.  See for yourself.

If you grow a functional human brain in a jar, give it artificial stimuli capabilities (cameras for eyes, microphones for ears, etc.), and then give it  manufactured memories and a manufactured personality–assuming this would work–would that be considered Artificial Intelligence?



(Don’t ask me how this is a FAQ.  I have no idea.  But:)

There’s a lot of gimmes in there.  I think maybe I’d trade the word “artificial” for “synthetic”?  Which is a semantic handwave, I know.  I’m also reminded of the term “simulacra” – a copy of something that isn’t real, if you like.

Actually, try this: Cultured Intelligence.

FAQchive is here.  You can send questions to warrenellis@gmail.com or ask me on Tumblr.

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MACHINE VISION: A New Email Newsletter

April 19th, 2012 | Work

Tomorrow afternoon my time, I begin a new email newsletter. It’s been two years since I closed down my previous, longrunning email thing Bad Signal. And this isn’t going to be the same as that. This will be a roughly weekly blast, and mostly about work — the forthcoming novel GUN MACHINE, and the one after that, and other projects as they develop. It’ll also be a download of whatever’s in my head that isn’t short enough for Twitter and not coherent enough to appear here. And about writing, and writers. And, really, whatever else is on my mind when I sit down to do it.

The first one goes out tomorrow. We’ve opened the sign-up system today. It’s at this link, or, if you scroll around this page a bit, in the right-hand menu bar.

The MACHINE VISION service is provided through the kindness of Mulholland Books.

I hope you’ll give it a go. Thanks.

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This Is What It Means To Be Templesmith

April 18th, 2012 | people I know

Comic pro con emergency supply received