Warren’s Semi-Regular Call For New Podcasts To Enjoy

August 28th, 2010 | brainjuice

I currently grab the following podcasts:

* Avant-Avant

* Broken20

* The Economist: Videography

* Electronic Explorations

* In Our Time

* KEXP Song Of The Day

* Psychedelic Salon

* Reith Lectures 2010

* TEDTalks (video)

* TouchRadio

* 3VOOR12 Viral Radio

I like music podcasts. I like video podcasts so long as they are short. I like odd things. I like learning about weird stuff. I find most science podcasts very boring or annoying. I live in Britain, so "This American Life" is useless to me (for some reason, it’s always the first one people suggest).

Recommendations? Thoughts? Shameless plugs? I’m up for them. Speak.

August 27th, 2010 | music

<a href="http://bigtroubles.bandcamp.com/track/video-rock">Video Rock by Big Troubles</a>

August 27th, 2010 | microlog

Delighted to see my friend Ryan Keely interviewed at AICN about comics. Important note: Ryan Keely also buys her round, and can match an Englishman drink for drink.