Everybody Wants To Go To Japan

Everyone else loved "Rainbowarriors." I loved this. Always been fond of Cocorosie. If you don’t know the song, hold out for the opera sequence, and the beautiful slide from the high note into the percussion line. Fan video, but it has the added bonus of subtitles! And now I go in search of beer and steak.

Feel Good By Numbers

"Feel Good By Numbers" was, to me, the standout on The Go! Team’s JUNIOR KICKSTART EP, back in… ’03? Something like that. This one’s a fan video — there was never an official video for anything off JUNIOR KICKSTART, I don’t think. But you can hear the germs of what became "Ladyflash" etc in here. And, you know… it makes me happy. As happy as I can be in a doomed world where all I see are lies and disease etc etc more Red Bull please