Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-09-26

September 27th, 2008 | microlog

  • 1.34am: headache from lack of caffeine during the day has finally shifted. Can now see out of both eyes. #
  • 7 pages of comics down. Am ded in brain. Lurch to bed now. #
  • Iiiit’s Friday, I just got out of bed, it’s FREAKANGELS: #
  • If I don’t look at something other than research today, my eyeballs are going to rebel and hurl themselves out of my head. SO MUCH TO READ #
  • @cascio I don’t think they liked the bit in your IRON MAN outline where Iron Man fucks the ozone hole shut and calls it “Peaches”? #
  • @cascio No, I liked it, but I think Iron Man wearing your Dr Cyclops glasses on the front of his helmet? A bit much. #
  • @shaviro oh my god you’re not joking there really is going to be a book called IRON MAN AND PHILOSOPHY. I’m getting my whisky. #

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September 27th, 2008 | people I know

* Preview of the cover to the second episode of the second PHONOGRAM series (the first PHONOGRAM series, now in TPB, was brilliant):


* Photographer Sarah Sharp has another exhibition in another unusual New York City location:


* Bokeh is the new music project from Mandy Matz (Theory Anaesthetic):


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September 26th, 2008 | brainjuice


September 26th, 2008 | Work

Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-09-25

September 26th, 2008 | microlog

  • Have written 13pp of comics and proofed an issue of X-Men. Am now going to bed with bleeding eyes. #
  • @laurennmcc – what’s easiest — explaining satiric/parodic intent to art students, or just locking the room & setting the building on fire? #
  • Thinking about getting myself a longbow. Hunt myself some long pig. Food prices are going up this winter, after all. #
  • @bclaymoore why the fuck are you reading fanboy comics reviews on the internet? Snap out of it, man. #
  • @humanadverb I’m actually not bad with a longbow. #
  • @JuanNavarro first time I picked up a longbow, I bullseyed at fifty metres. My innate Englishness gives me Powah #