And Even More Still Offline

So it turns out that one of the things tech support had me try may have completely bollocksed the computer, and any kind of data recovery is unlikely at this point (as noted earlier, my backups had failed too). I find myself less upset about this than I expected. I´ve lost a music collection, of course, and some current work (all the notes for the graphic novella I´m to start writing next week, which is a bugger)… But I appear to be able to muster little more than mild annoyance or minor disappointment, and that only at a few things. My research material is largely preserved, here and at delicious, as are my photos.
Although life would have been hugely more convenient without this happening, I´m wondering if I haven´t been done a bit of a favour. A wiped computer, for me, is not unlike being presented with a clean slate for thinking. All previous ideas erased. Not necessarily a bad thing, on the occasion of your fortieth birthday. Not bad at all.
(Oh, and on top of everything else, I got knocked flat Monday by what was either a massive allergy attack or a 24-hr lungfoam infection. Which meant I finally got to finish reading the last of Neal Stephenson´s Baroque Cycle. I´d never normally recommend you read a 3000-page work, but the Cycle is just a towering piece of work, and I think you should read it before you die. A hundred pages from the end, I got that terrible longing sadness, the one that comes when you realise youŕe near the end of something and you´ĺl never have the joy of reading this in the same way again.)
Also, with the right keyboard, this Nokia 810 is a fucking joy to write on.
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And, Yes, Still Offline

If anyone’s wondering, by the way, I’m posting these via an email-to-blog system.
So the computer has been collected for data recovery and restoration. Apparently I can expect a call tomorrow morning with the results. The guy’s not taking any chances, and is going to clone the drive before slaving it and poking around. We live in hope.
In the meantime, Shi informed me through Twitter that Stage6 is closing on Feb 28, so if you want any videos off there, grab them now. I am even more incensed about being offline than I was before, as I’d barely dented the Sherlock Holmes shows on Stage6 (got most of them on videotape, but…)