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Month: February 2008

The Continuing Story Of Offline

Well, the Nokia/Maemo boys and girls will be delighted to hear that I managed to write an entire premise document on the 810 and got it sent off via a bluetooth tether to a N95. My eyeballs are completely shot. Also managed to get some FREAKANGELS pages written — luckily, I´m holding a lot of that in my head right now. I would kill for an open wifi spot around here someplace, though.
Dusted off an old CD player, and am listening to the first CocoRosie album while finding myself doing odd things like paging through a book of Bauhaus design, rediscovering the art of Blue Note sleeves (I love old sleeve design, and Blue Note has always been a favourite. Sleeve notes kind of died out before my time — can you miss something that was gone before you knew about it?) And re-reading Tarkovsky´s SCULPTING IN TIME, which is useful not only for some insight into his method, but also his insight into others, like the way Bergman uses sound. Which I´m sort of picking around at the same time as I pick around my responses to The Baroque Cycle (and baroque art in general) and THE BLACK DOSSIER, which I´m coming to see as baroque in many ways. Baroque can be characterised, after all, as the grandiose and insanely detailed display and exercise of complete control over one´s art. It is to say See, here, I have power over base matter. Can you think of a better description of BLACK DOSSIER? Matter doesn´t get much more base than the mire of British culture he dredges out, and yet, in vast and intricate detail, he gets an alternate history out of it. The book interests me in lots of ways, not least because it doesn´t quite work for me. Like Eddie Campbell´s FATE OF THE ARTIST, even books you find to be artistic failures are instructive when performed by savants of the medium.
Sent by email, naturally. Good night.