And, Yes, Still Offline

February 25th, 2008 | mobilesignals

If anyone’s wondering, by the way, I’m posting these via an email-to-blog system.
So the computer has been collected for data recovery and restoration. Apparently I can expect a call tomorrow morning with the results. The guy’s not taking any chances, and is going to clone the drive before slaving it and poking around. We live in hope.
In the meantime, Shi informed me through Twitter that Stage6 is closing on Feb 28, so if you want any videos off there, grab them now. I am even more incensed about being offline than I was before, as I’d barely dented the Sherlock Holmes shows on Stage6 (got most of them on videotape, but…)

Still Offline

February 25th, 2008 | mobilesignals

I am writing this on the Nokia 810 tablet — bless you, Quim Gil, and who knew this would become mission-critical kit so quickly? — As bluetoothed into the phone. It turns out that data recovery is in my future. A professional data recovery service just turned down the job — ¨ItÅ› only a 250GB hard drive, sir, you´d be better off taking it to a local shop rather than have us charge you 900 quid for such a little job¨ — and so I have to call around the local places tomorrow to find someone who can expedite the job of slaving the drive, yanking the data off it and reinstalling XP over it.
Short version: I doubt Iĺl be online before Wednesday, somehow.
So, if youÅ•e someone looking for pages from me, or waiting to hear from me on some social network or forum…youÅ•e shit out of luck, Im afraid…

links for 2008-02-24

February 24th, 2008 | photography

  • “This map gives us a visual ballet of democracy’s march across history as the most popular form of government. From the first ancient republics to the rise of self-governing nations, see the history of democracy: 4,000 years in 90 seconds”
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February 24th, 2008 | mobilesignals

Well, I did wonder how this week could get worse. I walked away from the computer for five minutes this evening, and when I came back it was dead. Windows XP won’t boot, and tech support thinks the hard drive file structure has corrupted or just plain broken. I didn’t mention that my backups failed earlier in the week, did I? That was Sunday’s job. So I’m offline, and unable to work effectively if at all, until Monday at best. Unless I do a complete restore that erases the hard drive, ha ha.
I am now waiting for the house to burn down.