For 2005

December 31st, 2005 | admin

In 2005, this site had 828,134 unique visitors, who read some 8,929,287 pages in the process of hitting the site 26,431,400 times and sucking up 488.34 GB of my bandwidth.

Drawing a line under this year now. See you in the next one.

– Warren Ellis

Places You Can Find Me On The Internet (Dec 2005)

December 28th, 2005 | about warren ellis/contact

The Engine: my online community

LiveJournal: experimental writing and tending to my Holy Slut ArmyTM

MySpace: mostly used for hunting music

Bad Signal: my email journal, a hair under 9000 subscribers at present, stream-of-consciousness bullshit, sometimes several times a day, beware

Flickr: where I dump my photos and other graphics

Mperia: also for hunting music

XPeeps: MySpace for dirty people, it seems

DeviantNation: in beta, a Suicide Girls competitor, with superior community software

See you on the other side of ’05. Take it easy on yourselves.

And That’s That

December 17th, 2005 | brainjuice

Unless something unusual happens or I have a sudden brainstorm that seems like it absolutely must be shoved down your throats, that’s me done for the year. Back in 2006, probably. If you take a break at this time of year, enjoy yourselves and take care.

Good night, good luck, see you next year.

– W

Global Hobo

December 17th, 2005 | comics talk

Global Hobo distributes hand-made and hard-to-find comic books.

For old comics guys like me, it’s a bit like an e-version of the Fast Fiction table Paul Gravett & Peter Stanley ran at the London comic marts in the 80s.

Okay, maybe six people understood that last line. But those six people are going to be really fucking impressed, all right?