Jewish Militants Request God Kill Sharon

July 27th, 2005 | researchmaterial

Jewish ultranationalists put a death curse on Ariel Sharon, saying only God could breach the heavy security around the Israeli prime minister, the Ynet Web site reported Tuesday.

“It’s preferable that God, rather than a mortal, kills him because his bodyguards are just too good,” Ynet quoted one of the participants at a “Pulsa Denora,” an ancient Jewish ceremony which it said was held at a cemetery at the weekend…

Azeri Politician Will Shag All Wives To Prove “Manliness”

July 27th, 2005 | researchmaterial

A top opposition leader in former Soviet Azerbaijan has defended his track record as a heterosexual after accusing the oil-rich state’s authorities of launching a gay smear campaign against him.

“If anyone has doubts about my manliness, let them send me their wives and they will become convinced of my prowess for themselves,” the leader of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan party, Ali Kerimli, told journalists.

Kerimli called the press conference a day after a national television station aired comments suggesting the Popular Front leader had been raped while awaiting trial in a jail in 1994…

Spammer Beaten To Death In Home: First Of Many

July 26th, 2005 | researchmaterial

Vardan Kushnir, notorious for sending spam to each and every citizen of Russia who appeared to have an e-mail, was found dead in his Moscow apartment on Sunday, Interfax reported Monday. He died after suffering repeated blows to the head.

Kushnir, 35, headed the English learning centers the Center for American English, the New York English Centre and the Centre for Spoken English, all known to have aggressive Internet advertising policies in which millions of e-mails were sent every day.

In the past angry Internet users have targeted the American English centre by publishing the Center’s telephone numbers anywhere on the Web to provoke telephone calls. The Center’s telephone was advertised as a contact number for cheap sex services, or bargain real estate sales.

Another attack involved hundreds of people making phone calls to the American English Center and sending it numerous e-mails back, but Vardan Kushnir remained sure of his right to spam, saying it was what e-mails were for.

Under Russian law, spamming is not considered illegal, although lawmakers are working on legal projects that could protect Russian Internet users like they do in Europe and the U.S.

(Found by “Albert A. Alien”, thanks)