Internet Shagging 2.0

June 25th, 2005 | researchmaterial’s online dating and chat community gives members a way to physically interact, miles apart, using Doc Johnson HighJoy-Enabled sex toys.

…Doc Johnson has Internet-enabled two of the company’s most popular adult novelties, the famous Doc Johnson iVibe Rabbit (for women) and the Doc Johnson iVibe Controller with egg and sleeve (for men), making them controllable over the Internet as computer peripheral devices. community members can independently control the speed and rotation of another’s Internet-enabled device. Members with web cams can even watch the effect they are having on their partner for increased interaction…

Interviewed By The Londonist

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Mostly about DESOLATION JONES and related things:

About two seconds after photography was invented, it was used for private porn. Hell, one day cave paintings are going to be found illustrating shagging on a mammoth skin in front of a campfire. It is, however, entirely possible that Fred Durst has ruined sex for a generation.