Exploding Politicians = Doubleplusgood

December 31st, 2004 | researchmaterial

Peruvians can blast away their frustrations with unpopular President Alejandro Toledo this New Year with the best-selling Toledo firework bomb.

“Effigies of Toledo loaded with rockets and other fireworks are selling like hot cakes, especially ones where the body is shaped like a bomb with a fuse,” said Luz Aliaga, who sells them for $11.

Letting off fireworks at midnight is a traditional New Year celebration here.

The idea of a “Toledo bomb” was born when a reporter tried to hand the president a fake bomb — a football painted black with a fuse — during a public event this month after a survey showed most respondents would give him a bomb for Christmas.

Peru has clamped down on firework sales since more than 300 people died when a firework demonstration in a Lima shopping district shot out of control in 2001…

Zimbabwe Needs Hot Dogs, Then

December 31st, 2004 | researchmaterial

A man allegedly bit off and swallowed another man’s finger during a bar brawl, court officials said Thursday.

Alex Nyarubakora, 39, appeared in court in the town of Chitungwiza, 15 miles south of Harare (Zimbabwe), on Wednesday charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Prosecutor Isau Janhi said Nyarubakora was arguing with his wife in a bar last week when he became angry at a second man’s attempts to intercede. After the two men began fighting, Nyarubakora is accused of biting off his opponent’s finger, chewing and swallowing it. No remains of the finger were found by police at the scene, Janhi said…

Hard To Sell Hot Dogs In Long Island

December 31st, 2004 | researchmaterial

Two Long Island women who sold hot dogs and sodas from a truck were arrested on charges that their menu also featured sexual acts in exchange for money.

Catherina Scalia, 38, and Rose Skorge, 34, were arrested Wednesday afternoon after they “offered and agreed to engage in sexual conduct with others in return for a fee” at their hot dog stand, which was parked at Sunrise Highway and Rockwood Avenue, Nassau County police said in a news release. Scalia offered to expose her breasts to an undercover officer who was buying a hot dog and Skorge offered him oral sex in exchange for money…

Takako Mini/Takako Minekawa

December 31st, 2004 | music

Okay, seems that “Takako Mini” could well be Takako Minekawa.

For the many people I forced to listen to her “Fantastic Cat” — the pieces linked below don’t sound anything like her, and she doesn’t sing on them.

Takako Mini

December 31st, 2004 | admin, music

Takako Mini, identified on last.fm only by the photo below, is/are responsible for a suite of doomy ambient/experimental noise available as mp3 downloads here on insine.net.

Does anyone know anything about Takako Mini? I am quite fond of this stuff. warrene @ aol.com if you have information for me. You will be rewarded by my not destroying your town from space when I become Paramount Leader.