World’s Worst Rail Accident Within Tsunami Disaster

The Queen of the Sea was nearing its destination when the waves knocked it sideways.
Up to 1,500 people were crammed inside the train as it travelled 75 miles (110km) along the Sri Lankan coastline from Colombo to the southern city of Galle. At least 802 died and hundreds remain unaccounted for.

Reeling from the waves the train spun over and over, cartwheeling four times before coming to rest on a hillock. The force of the wave threw the train’s eight cars into a bog and left the coastal railroad a twisted mess of metal…


Accused serial rapist Naoki Akamatsu, the 25-year-old lead guitarist of Hysteric Blue, which was forced to shame-facedly disband in April following Akamatsu’s arrest for rape, has given up his plectrum for a plucky fight in the courts. He is fighting to limit the amount of time he spends behind bars having admitted guilt to 11 sex charges.

In the courtroom, the once charismatic rock star was but a mere shadow of his former self, the weekly says, adding that his once trademark long, blond tresses were now gone in favor of the crew cut generally seen as a sign of atonement by wrongdoers in Japan.

Akamatsu even dragged in his heavily pregnant wife and their 1-year-old boy. Astonishingly, the spouse had the temerity to beg the court to turn a blind eye toward her husband’s misdeeds, saying it had been her confinement that had ended their sex life and drove him out onto the streets to prey on other young women.

A cop covering the case says that Akamatsu has come up with an even more outlandish excuse for his actions.

“Akamatsu has a habit of slashing himself. He often cuts his wrists several times. He’s apparently incapable of feeling at ease unless he’s watching the blood roll down his arms any number of times each day. He says he started raping women to wean himself off slashing himself…”