November 24th, 2004 | admin

On release from this Wednesday: FRANK IRONWINE, with Carla Speed McNeil, and ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #13, with Adam Kubert.

Apparat Delay

November 17th, 2004 | admin, Work

The Apparat books aren’t going to make this week’s shipping date.

The project’s been hit, over the last several months, by a slew of technical and scheduling problems. Avatar and I have tried, but too many things went wrong at once.

So the books will still come out, but over a few imaginary weeks instead of just one.

It was an imaginary week anyway, right? Imagine they’re all coming out on the same week.

It was worth a try. The books won’t be so late that anyone will lose tons of money. It’s a shame, but it’s not a crime. (Though doubtless people will try to paint it as one.) You have to try these things, right?

I’ll pass on a revised schedule when I have one.

In other news, my tonsils are swollen up like fucking footballs.

IRON MAN #1, OCEAN #2 Released

November 11th, 2004 | admin, Work

On release from today:

IRON MAN #1, by myself and Adi Granov. This is a USD $3.50 book, as it’s extra length:

OCEAN #2 (of 6), with art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story, is also released today. This is not the cover, because I can’t find the cover right now and I need to hunt coffee:

– W

That Whole American Election Thing

November 9th, 2004 | mobilesignals

My abiding memory of the election? I was staying at Natasha Strange’s place in San Francisco, the Embassy. People got very sad and very drunk on the night of November 2. I dragged myself out of my pit on Nov 3, lurched downstairs in search of caffeine. Natasha was already up, tiny and tousled and well pissed off. A grumpy little dominatrix in pink pyjamas, padding sourly down the hallway as she said, “Thank God I have a gangbang to go to today. I need a man to laugh at.”

– W

Comic Relief, Berkeley, Thursday

November 2nd, 2004 | about warren ellis/contact

LAST-MINUTE SIGNING: Comic Relief, Berkeley, Thursday, 5-7pm.

The excellent Berkeley comics & graphic novel store Comic Relief is being evicted from their current premises. To say goodbye to the old location and support them in their move, I’m signing there this Thursday from five to seven pm.