This is a thing I’ve been following since last year.  Willow Brugh has just taken a shot at simplifying it for stupid people like me.

Some friends of mine have been advocating for this rad thing called IndieWeb. It’s a way of regaining control of your information, data, and profile online. This is my first pass at explaining what it is they’re up to.

I post it here both because it’s interesting and because I have a strong urge to use it as the basis for developing this site in the future.  This will involve depressing and time-consuming stuff like moving the site hosting and learning how WordPress works under the bonnet a little more.  This site will never be the full eight-posts-a-day churn that it once was — curation blogging is probably best served on a socially connected system like Tumblr in any case — but when I do write new material for public view, I intend that most if not all of it be for a site I own.  I don’t think we should be writing new material for stack algorithms to chew on and digest for ad technologies.  (Unless that’s the specific intent.)

Anyway.  Here’s what we’re talking about, when we talk about IndieWeb.



The River


I’ve spent my entire life within ten miles of this river. I navigate through a full quarter of the country by the direction of this river. I will spend half of 2014 thousands of miles from it, for work and for life. It’s a river that forgives us for that, because for millennia it’s done nothing but spit shabby Englishmen out into the world. River salt in our blood.

Happy Solstice, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Stay well and stay alive, and I’ll see you on the other side.

— W