A Notice About My Newsletter

February 19th, 2013 | admin, daybook

If you didn’t get MACHINE VISION 038, the latest step of my newsletter, yesterday – check your spam filters.  Gmail, Comcast and Verizon users especially should take a look.

If you didn’t see it, the web version is at this link here.  If you’re not a subscriber, you can still look, too.  And, if you’re interested, you can subscribe at this link here.  You only get emails from me, and, at this point, I’m only going to be posting a newsletter a couple of times a week.

(Older subscribers will laugh at that, because I can go weeks at a time without posting, not least because, unlike my old list, there’s not really an easy mobile option with this system.  But things are a little more sorted now.)

Anyway, if you are a subscriber, I’d appreciate you checking your traps this week.


October 5th, 2012 | admin

Please be advised that ARIADNE AND THE SCIENCE is on pause because Molly’s travelling.  Back soon.

On Pause

February 24th, 2012 | admin

For many reasons (work-related, health-related, burying-more-pets-related, just-bloody-tiredness-related), I just haven’t been able to get going with warrenellis.com so far this year.  So I’m switching the site to Pause for a couple of weeks.  Normal service will resume with a new episode of SPEKTRMODULE on March 9 or thereabouts.

In the meantime, I want to leave these things here:


Last year, I did a thing for people who make comics called Three Panels Open.  Literally, a three-panel comic.  The only rules were that it had to be legible at a width of 640 pixels, which is the width of the content bar on this site, and that it had to be three panels long.

Perhaps you’d like to do a three-panel comic to be posted here.  If so, email the image to warrenellis@gmail.com, and please include your name and the website and/or twitter account you’d like it to be associated with.  Same rules apply: three panels, and it can’t turn to mud when I run it at 640px.  The ones I like best will be run here from March 10 – 31.

Also, I’m opening up the GUEST INFORMANT skein to submissions, after a fashion.  If you’re working in the arts and sciences and you’d like to talk at my readership here about your work or something related to it, drop me a note at warrenellis@gmail.com about what you’re in the mood to write and we’ll sort something out.  You can see all the other Guest Informants at this link.  They include novelists, journalists, musicians, data griots, researchers, artists, designers, futurists and nuclear physicists.  (Some of those posts are huge.  I tell people, “I’d be happy with two hundred words!”)  As you’ll see, each Informant post can come with links to whatever you’ve got going on.

Also also, I really think that the Station Ident should come back, and that the top of each week should have a logotone.  By “really think” I actually mean “literally just thought of this and laughed because it sounded like fun.” 

The Station Ident is a photo or other image and the words "this is warren ellis dot com."  Something arty, something filthy, something strange, something funny: don’t care, so long as it’s original to you. Snapshot or illustration, Photoshop or fansign; don’t care, so long as it has the following words in it somewhere:

"this is warren ellis dot com"

Email it as an attachment to warrenellis@gmail.com, my public dump email address, if you feel like playing. Please include your name and a website if you have one, or plug a work of yours if applicable. Ideally, it’d be 640 px across, but I can resize stuff. And I’ll use all the ones I like, eventually.

(I might even bring back the Closedown, or amalgamate it with Night Music.  I’m old enough to remember closedowns.  Also, the last ice age.)

And… that’s it.  Now I need to get into some development work and serious thinking.  See you in a couple of weeks.  Be good. 

Saturday Night Notes

September 19th, 2010 | admin

Regulars will have noticed two things. One, I haven’t been around much, and two, comments are gone.

Second one first. Comments here have, by and large, been a bit dull for a while. Some nice surprises sometimes, and some smart people, but also too often falling into the “I don’t really want this on my website” bucket. This isn’t going to fall into the slightly barbed mea culpa about switching comments off that the act seems to usually entail — no discussion of the “blogs are conversations” bullshit. Whenever I kill comments, I invariably decide to try again several months or a year or two later, and I’m sure that’ll happen again. But, right now, it’s time for them to go. (That time being usually indicated by my having to go into a comments thread, ask people to read what I actually wrote instead of what they think I wrote, and then explain the whole thing again in simpler language, very slowly and loudly, as if trying to direct a foreign tourist to the train station.)

The other thing: Lili’s cat’s dying, and I’m currently the only one in the house in a position to check on him regularly. Therefore I don’t have a lot of focus right now. I don’t think he’s got more than a couple of days in him, poor little bugger. We saved his life, sixteen years back, but I always thought that the damage done to him might have an effect on his life expectancy, and now he’s slowly winding down. I call him Lili’s cat because they became best friends when she became old enough to eat solid food. He’s always liked his food, and Lili went from “that small loud thing I avoid” to “that small loud thing who — hey, she’s offering me food. I like food. This small loud thing isn’t so bad.” And they’ve been inseparable ever since. So, yeah, the next week isn’t going to be fun, and there may not be a lot happening here, not least because I’m having to get up hourly to see to him, which I’m about to do right now. G’night.


June 20th, 2010 | admin

Just got note from kind host:

1-2 hrs of downtime today occurring sometime btwn 7:30-11:00 pacific time. all sites affected.