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  1. Robin Robin

    In the YouTube description, it says “a dramatic goring on Friday evening that had the crowd screaming in horror”. Presumably they were OK with the torture and slaughter of innocent animals

  2. criis criis

    0 x 1 para o touro!

  3. The Grim Reaper The Grim Reaper

    Shit ! missed him. Get the little Git next time HHHAAAAAAAAA

  4. jtrip jtrip

    thanks, that just made me feel a little better, I’ll hold on to ‘it could be worse’ like a sword of mortality, but it’s double edged.

  5. JJ JJ

    The bulls have barbs stuck into their genitals, so no, my weekend was not as bad as the bull’s.
    No sympathy for the bullfighter.

  6. shake it like a rat! shake it like a rat!

    The bull is fully pissed…………charge!!!!!
    The flamboyant flailing little monkey carcass is scared shitless at this point,
    shake it like a rat!

  7. i never liked animal abuse. Go toro! To bad things is that they must have killed the toro as well. cruel bastards!

  8. Jay Jay

    He’s quite lucky it didn’t go up his arse really….

  9. James James

    Let’s say he got the horn and not the boot. Maybe quite nice for a change!

  10. endlessbabe endlessbabe

    I have to agree with earlier posters: too bad the bull missed.

  11. maan maan

    was the man alive? it is a crazy sport man shit!!!!!!!!

  12. blademonkey blademonkey

    Where i work we get the horn in another place.

  13. parodysrivas parodysrivas

    please tell this pic is photoshopped…

  14. […] Recuerden niños: la naturaleza es un sistema caótico que sólo se organiza con un objetivo: encontrar nuevas y dolorosas maneras de matarte. Los animales salvajes no pueden leer tu chapita de Greenpeace o WWF, así que por principio yo prefiero no defender activamente a ninguna criatura que tenga la capacidad de perforarme el cuerpo sin necesidad de herramientas. […]

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