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Your Nightmare Image For The Day

A calf with two heads has been born in a Siberian village near a nuclear plant, website said Tuesday.

Naumovka village is located in dangerous proximity to one of Russia’s largest nuclear sites — the closed Seversk territory, the former secret Tomsk-7 site, where weapons-grade plutonium used to be produced. In 1993 an explosion at the plant allowed radioactive substances to leak, mostly affecting two nearby villages — Naumovka and Georgiyevka. Local residents appealed to the courts, but numerous checks failed to detect any genetic mutations. The birth of a two-headed calf that did not survive has allowed the villagers to call for a new assessment of the pollution.

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  1. RMC RMC

    I once saw a picture in Bizarre magazine of a calf born in India with 5 mouths distributed symmetrically all over it’s head. And it was still prettier than this. So cheers.

  2. How cool would it have been if the three armed boy got to ride the two headed calf?

  3. ….huh. That’s, um. Thanks, Warren. I’m going to claw my eyes out now. :)

  4. εδ εδ

    Damn Russians, they can’t be trusted with nuclear technology. This will probably be grabbed onto by some anti-nuclear group and bandied about as propoganda.

  5. now i’m even more excited baout going to Russia this month. oh man. i want one of these for my appartment. with a robo-skeleton. and a remote.

  6. Andy Andy

    Two-headed cows don’t impress me. See, I live in the backwards state of Georgia here in the ol’ US of A and we’ve got one of the bleeding things in our state capitol.

    No. Really.

    In second grade or therabouts I was taken on a field trip to this magical place, the place where Georgia is “governed” from. The place they make the big decisions. They also have a two-headed calf. You can guess which part of the tour that me and every other person who went to GA public “schools” remembers.

  7. Andy Andy

    …er, sorry. Use Bugmenot for that link.

  8. Reminds me of the brahmin from Fallout.

  9. Stephen Stephen

    Guilty untill proven innocent, right?

  10. I saw that and just thought “Double Ceeseburger”

  11. kstop kstop

    One of those was born on a farm near where I grew up, they put it on display in the local post office.

    By which I mean they put it in a barrel of salt water until the smell got too bad.

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