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Your July PLANETARY #27 Update

I’ve now seen the complete lettered book. I’m told it’s scheduled for release in October.

I’ve mentioned that there’s extra pages in this one, right? It’s a longer-than-normal episode?

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  1. Legion Legion

    Glee! Planetary has always been one of my biggest faves, and it’d be nice to have that last bit of closure…

  2. JDM JDM

    You know I told myself in ’99 that once this series was done I’d quit the comic habit . . . . As you can see I’ve been reading them a bit longer then i expected. .

  3. anarki13 anarki13

    Thank you oh great one!
    I love you.

  4. Joe Joe

    Fuck yes.

  5. Ben Gray Ben Gray

    A better end to a shit, no-job finding week after finishing 5 years in school and receiving an MA in History.Great news. Just re-reading Planetary #21-Death Telemetry Machine. Favorite issue, and that was a tough call. October is a bit of a wait to see what the “last secret to take from the soil of the 20th century” is, but I’ve got some ideas. Looking forward to it-thanks Ellis

  6. Daibhidh Daibhidh

    Epic, my birthday’s in October, best present ever!

  7. Jack Jack

    thank you for not dying before finishing this story. one of my greatest fears circa 2002 was that either you, cassaday, or i would die before the completion of planetary. how’s that for consumer devotion? best comic ever, man.

  8. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

    Congratulation for finish it :D

  9. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    I’m officially ready to receive that straight, at meteor-speed punch to the brain that’s PLANETARY #27.

  10. Qw Qw

    Will we see Carlton Marvel? What about the parallel universe versions of Mars?

  11. Well since the last issue of Nexus came out this week, I lost that bet I made some years back with my bookiethat Planetary would finish up first…

  12. street'n'smith street'n'smith

    i hope the fourth trade collection is early next year… :(

  13. Sergio Rodas Sergio Rodas

    Mr. ellis, thank you for let us see one more issue of planetary. Saludos desde Guatemala.

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