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Your Doomed World

* You know, if you’re going to take a sex drug called Power 1 Walnut, you’re pretty much bound to get what you deserve.

* Lithuania operates what appears to be a Museum Of The Classic Soviet Death Camp. "Every visitor has to wear Soviet Russian prisoners cloths and when enters is being humiliated by the staff dressed as Soviet army soldiers. They yell on and almost beat all the visitors, force them to do things, wear gas masks, run distances and many many more things to do."

I kind of want to work there. Y’know, just a summer job.

* Talking of classics: attempting to get high by huffing air freshener is back. On the bright side, it’s not jenkem.

* Organised poaching is back in the British countryside in a big way. I suppose it’s a good sign that they’re doing it for hard currency, as opposed to doing it to stave off starvation.

* "Contradicting nearly two decades of government denials, a congressionally mandated scientific panel has concluded that Gulf War syndrome is real and still afflicts nearly a quarter of the 700,000 U.S. troops who served in the 1991 conflict."

* Pastor Ted Haggard, famous for losing his shit with Richard Dawkins before sucking cocks while crying and doing meth and then lying about the whole thing and then doing it all again, now claims his "problems" stem from being sexually abused at the age of seven. The idea appears to be that if Pastor Ted — quite happily, by all accounts — can convince everyone that copping the bad touch from some mystery kiddie-fiddler made him gay, a tweaker and a pathological liar, then he can go back to preaching the bullshit and running his church and filling the heads of the credulous with poison. For added hilarity: Pastor Ted’s day job is as an insurance salesman.

* The Kingdom Of Yahweh sect, based in Melbourne, has declared itself above Australian law. Which doesn’t seem completely unreasonable to me. Naturally enough, there are concerns about guns, compounds, nutters, etc etc.

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  1. Oi, you’ve had one helluva day!!
    Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics notwithstanding… *dies*

  2. tiffany tiffany

    The Soviet Death Camp experience is in Latvia, NOT Lithuania. In Lithuania we are peace lovers. We have a statue of Frank Zappa!

  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    According to the comments thread to the original posting, it’s in Lithuania. What, nobody wants it?

  4. Crebain Crebain

    It’s not a museum, it’s an interactive show “1984. Survival drama”. It’s meant to show to the younger generation (or those who forgot) how bad was it under Soviet oppression.

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