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Your Actual Mysterious Antique Book Bound In Human Skin

West Yorkshire Police are appealing for the owners of an historical item which was found on the Headrow in Leeds to come forward.

The item is a ledger and dates back to the 1700s. It is written in mainly French and is believed to be covered in what is thought to be human skin.

Police are now appealing to anyone who may be able to help identify the owners of the item…

(Thanks to Eric Millikin)

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  1. trey trey

    what the fuck is written in it

  2. I’ll bet it’s just pig skin. I doubt that the West Yorkshire Police have done a full forensic breakdown of the cover or anything like that…have they?

    Looks like a journal. I think I can make out dates at the start of some paragraphs. Either that or those are names, and it’s a ledger of some sort.

    (Silly me. It’s a ledger.)

    I imagine that under ultraviolet light you might see the contorted faces of the previous owners swirling around the cover, looking at you with a desperate pleading in their eyes, a pleading which seems to say “Burn the book! Burn the book! BURN THE MO-FO’ING BOOK!”

    It’s damn odd, anyway.

  3. I want to read it aloud and summon elder gods.

  4. Just don’t let Bruce Campbell anywhere fucking near it.

  5. I read this article on Yahoo and was absolutely fascinated. There’s an actual term for this – “Anthropodermic bibliopegy.” There are actually quite a few of these things floating around – and even more interestingly, one of the most common types of book to be bound this way were accounts of murder trials bound with the killer’s actual skin. Dead creepy.

  6. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    Nickle? Nictung?

  7. blah blah

    I think this was a fairly common practice among medical institutions at the time. They had free access to tons of the stuff.

  8. Peaked Peaked

    This was in fact at one point common. I remember one instance (too lazy to actually find a link to the story) of a famous highwayman requesting that after his execution a copy of his memoirs bound in his own skin be sent to one of his more prominent victims.

  9. coldthing coldthing

    this looks a lot like a anatol girs book my mum found in an old box of WWII artifacts, I don’t think its that uncommon, especially in situations where people are dying left and right

  10. Mark Mark

    That’s nothing. My car is upholstered in human skin. It’s like I’m sitting in someone’s lap.

  11. Tade Tade

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  12. Bum Bill B. Bum Bill B.

    There’s more of it about than you might think. You ghoulish bibliophiles might want to take a look at the piece by Oliver Robinson (“Lovingly Bound”) in the current Rare Book Review–it mentions the highwayman that Peaked remembers. Excerpt here:

  13. Looks more like Der Vermiis Mysteriuss than the Necronomicon.

    Writings too neat and there are no Fell Diagrams.

  14. DG DG

    “My car is upholstered in human skin”

    Ha, well, my whole body is upholstered in human skin! Beat that! Oh, wait…

  15. RMC RMC

    Is it just me or has this whole weekend been really weird?

  16. I have all my comics by Ellis, Ennis, Moore and Gaiman bound in human skin.
    It somehow… enhances… the reading experience, and adds a feeling of accomplishment, as I tan the hides myself.

  17. Is it wrong that I think that’s cool? I’m starting to think I need professional help.

    Paging Doctor Ellis…

  18. If it was closer to the late 1800s, perhaps Jack the Ripper, but 1700s predates him.

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