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From DiscoveryOn:

A rare parasite which burrows into host fish before eating and replacing their tongues with itself has been found off the Jersey coast.



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  1. When I first heard about these things I thought to myself it would be hilarious if one could somehow dare the body mod community into taking them up as a fashion statement. I lack the influence but you, you have the ear of BMEzine, Warren. You could do this.

    You must.

  2. Sam Sam

    …I see fish teeth.

    Is it sad that I now find that more peculiar than the tongue-eating parasite?

  3. Jade Jade

    After seeing this Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are going to show up and zap you with that red-light-pen-thingy.

  4. joseph leroux joseph leroux

    yep,it sure is the next step in body art. the thing is profoundly inspiring and interresting visually. reminds me of urotsukidodji. Big Sweaty English Man has already used that in transmet no? si.

  5. Andy Andy

    What gets to me is that it was found outside of Jersey (as in Channel Islands Jersey), and not New Jersey. That bug is really unnerving though, I just can’t wrap my mind around it for some reason.

  6. crooked crooked

    I like how the guy that Photoshopped this left the human teeth at the top.

  7. That’s not photoshop jackass. That’s a really disgusting piece of reality.

  8. @rdmantega @rdmantega

    It’s kinda cute…

  9. meh, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen freakier in your Conan posts.

  10. where the hell do you come up with this shit? I mean seriously?! and don’t say the internet, cause I use that, and I don’t find….i don’t what that is, but i don’t find this kinda shit in my inbox.


  11. VersasoVantare VersasoVantare

    Man, I just hope the parasite doesn’t crap down its host’s throat. That would be rude.

    Y’know, if this thing can replace a tongue but not actually have any other detrimental effects on the host, then do you think there might be a market for them? Some people like doing weird things to their bodies, maybe some would like parasites for tongues.

  12. John Clark John Clark

    Is it just me or does this article make anyone else think of Kanye West?

  13. Oh…My….God. I’m appalled that I find him in any way cute, as this is gross-tastic.

    Thanks for that.XD

  14. Jenny Jenny

    Not surprised you’d find such horrifying things at the Jersey Shore.

  15. Joe Public Joe Public

    A great analogy for describing wall street bankers

  16. wu.ming wu.ming

    looks a lot like Lloyd Blankfein, don’t ya think?

  17. Joi Joi

    Why does that fish have human teeth?

  18. Olli Olli

    that thing reminds me of my ex. Boys, any of that oven cleaner left??

  19. Edgard Edgard

    That’s fucking beautiful! Is it a female?

  20. mike mike

    holy cock sucking shit that’s wrong in every fucking way

  21. lonnie mitchell lonnie mitchell

    it is a sand flee one of the sheepshead favorite food

  22. ali berry ali berry

    what the hell is that i hopw thats only for fish!!!!

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