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  1. That’s an Ursula Vernon illustration, cap’n. You can find the rest of her work at, and that particular piece is right here. Also, she’s on LiveJournal as “ursulav”. She’s kinda internet-famous.

  2. and brilliantly warped, too

  3. Haley Haley

    …I’d buy that.

  4. I bet that hook would kind of hurt going in.

  5. myk myk


  6. The print looks awesome in my bathroom.

  7. Ursula V. for the win! :)

  8. el_randall el_randall

    hahhahahahaaa, a fuckin’ classic!

  9. matt matt

    it’s definitely a good thing they got rid of all those survy infested tampons. i’ve lost three girlfriends because of ’em.

  10. E0157H7 E0157H7

    That looks like a good “meeting people filter.” If they look at it and are disgusted and overreact, then they are humorless and uninteresting. If they laugh, they are warped and twisted bastards, just like you. You will have good times.

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