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Who I Am And Where I Am (Oct 2011)

My name’s Warren Ellis. I write comics, graphic novels, books, journalism and anything else that people pay money for. Sometimes I even go out in public. I live in south-east England.

I’m the writer of the graphic novel RED, the film version of which (starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman & Helen Mirren) came out in October 2010. (A sequel is apparently due next year.)  I’m the writer of the GRAVEL graphic novels, under development for film by Legendary Pictures. I also wrote the novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN. I have an page here. (Ignore anything it says about LISTENER, that book was lost and cancelled years ago.)

My next novel, GUN MACHINE, is due from Mulholland Books in autumn 2012.

A collection of the writing I’ve done here and elsewhere on the internet, SHIVERING SANDS, was published in 2009.

Sometimes I speak at conferences, or do other kinds of talks and appearances.

The easiest way to contact me in the first instance is probably to message me on Twitter.

I have an Official Warren Ellis Page on that Facebook thing , which mirrors this site as well as my Tumblr and a few other things.

You can also find me on Instagram as warrenellis.

If you need to contact me about writing for print or web, please contact my agent Lydia Wills using the link in the righthand menu bar.

If you need to contact me about anything involving film, tv, games or other things that move and make noises, please contact my agent Angela Cheng Caplan using the link in the righthand menu bar.

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