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Who I Am And Where I Am (June 2010)

My name’s Warren Ellis. I write comics, graphic novels, journalism and anything else that people pay money for. I live in Britain.

I’m the writer of the graphic novel RED, the film version of which (starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman & Helen Mirren) is out in October. I’m the writer of the GRAVEL graphic novels, under development for film by Legendary Pictures. I also wrote the novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN. I extrude a monthly column for WIRED UK magazine.

I write here almost every day. A collection of the writing I’ve done here and elsewhere on the internet, SHIVERING SANDS, was published last year.

Quick links: Whitechapel (message board) – TwitterMySpace account – Soundcloudan Official Warren Ellis Compound on that Facebook thinga store of Things at CafePress.

For people wanting to send me to their sites, wanting to email stuff or tell me about new music or send me tips or whatever, I’ve set up a Gmail account that I check once every day or so: This isn’t, I stress, my main email account, and it’s not for asking me when some comic’s coming out (there’s a FAQ for that). Always interested in new music, new art, new connections, dirty pictures, madness etc.

If you need to contact me about writing for print or web, please contact my agent Lydia Wills using the link in the righthand menu bar.

If you need to contact me about anything involving film, tv, games or other things that move, please contact my agent Angela Cheng Caplan using the link in the righthand menu bar.

If you (for god knows what reason) wanted to send me something physical… um, well, you can’t, right now. My book agent has gotten flooded with stuff of late, and I feel terrible about drowning them in things like that. So I’m going to sort myself out a PO Box here in the UK next week. Details will go in the July update of this message.

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  1. Aw, shite- sorry on the physical mail thing, as I know I’m one of the folks who was sending stuff of late. Here’s to hoping you’ll still be getting the stuff that did pile up at the agency!

  2. Ev Ev

    I let my mother borrow ‘Crooked Little Vein’ because I knew she’d love it-and she does. She never lets me down.

  3. Mal Mal

    When this first started, I just thought ‘ah, nice, a quick way to give new readers an overview’, and now it’s the ‘holy vodka this man’s life is unfolding before me, monthly’.

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