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Whatever Happened To “Michael Moorcock’s NEW WORLDS”?

So I’d been wondering what happened to the mooted revival of NEW WORLDS magazine, entitled in this iteration MICHAEL MOORCOCK’S NEW WORLDS.  (Previously commented on here, a little over a year ago.)  It’s been due… a few times.  And I knew they’d shed at least one staff member due to “artistic differences.”  So I went to their Facebook page, which appears to be the only public source of information, and found the below, posted on April 17th:

So here we are, post Easter con and still no New Worlds. Why is this? I hear those of you who still care cry, well the simple answer (and the one that happens to be the truth) is, that we were having some difficulties with the codec for the videos we wish/need to include with the site. This we have now been assured is behind us and we should soon be happy! I do have to give out a BIG thanks to those who have been creating, what is, a quite a complex site completely for free. As a salve to our heavy consciences we do plan on releasing issue 2 within a month or so of issue 1 (provided we generate enough sales from 1 to pay our authors) So we should be on course to publish 4 in the year! Please bear with us this was a much bigger programing job than we imagined. Best

I left a message, asking if they really are hosting their own video content.

Publishing a magazine is hard, whether on paper or online.  But it would seem to me that if you’re handcoding your own video players rather than stuffing your content into Vimeo and letting them do the work, you’re over-coding and making life harder than it really needs to be.

Given that the dedicated website remains static and mostly empty… well, I’m the last guy in the creative industry who should be commenting on things that are “late,” but this would seem to have joined the corpsepile of attempts to continue NEW WORLDS.

Maybe they should have just mounted the whole thing on a Tumblr and had done with it.

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